FARREL POMINI is a global leader in the research, design and manufacturing of continuous mixing systems for the plastics industry covering an extensive range of processing applications. Our technology has specialized and proven performance in processing:

Polyolefin based compounds

Masterbatches with high levels of mineral fillers, additives and pigments

Polymer-elastomer blends and applications requiring high intensity mixing while maintaining low processing temperature

Temperature sensitive materials such as PVC



The CP Series II™ Compact Processor is a highly productive compounder designed specifically for top quality dispersion of highly filled, highly pigmented materials. It contains an independently controlled continuous mixer and an extruder system. The Compact Processor is able to process highly abrasive materials outperforming other processors. It is designed to incorporate various types of feeding systems and pellet formation components for versatility making its applications virtually unlimited.


Pelletron developed a unique

Pelletron developed a unique, patented conveying pipe elbow that is trade named the Pellbow®. It is especially designed to minimize damage caused when solid particles are injected into a high velocity conveying system — the higher the velocity, the higher the friction. Using a Pellbow® avoids the problems caused by friction in traditional elbows. By design, material flowing through the Pellbow® forms a pocket or “impact-zone” and moves slowly upward and out. Incoming material is deflected at 90 degrees with minimum resistance and no impact damage. The Pellbow® is wear-resistant making it the ideal solution for conveying abrasive products. The Pellbow® is self-cleaning when the material flow is stopped and works in all installation positions.

DeDuster® Product Line

The standard DeDuster® systems have discharge capacities ranging from a few lbs/h (kg/h) up to 200,000 lbs/h (100 tons/h). For applications that require higher capacities, Pelletron has built custom models capable of processing several hundred tons per hour. For installations with inclined silo outlet pipes, the OS-DeDuster® (OffSet) was developed. For narrow packaging lines, the DO-DeDuster® (single inlet and Dual Outlet) was designed. Pelletron also provides wash down DeDuster® systems designed for cleaning with water between product changes. Pelletron continues to respond to customer requests for unique applications.


Dynamic Air components mixers